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As summer winds up you may be looking at your car and cringing a little bit. The dirt or salt grime from that awesome road trip, grass clippings and sand dragged into your car’s interior from busy summer afternoons, rock chips in your windshield from that pesky summer road construction… your car may have seen better days. Our cars do so much for us during the summer months, and when we slow down and return to our routines in the fall it is an excellent time to give your car a little extra love and attention.

  • Clean Out & Clean Up: The very first thing you should do to wrap up the summer is to really clean out your car. Empty drink bottles and fast food wrappers are littering the floor. There is STILL sand under your seat from when you spent all day at the beach. And you probably don’t need those camp chairs and park toys in your trunk anymore, right? Empty your car of trash and unnecessary luggage, then give it a nice full-service clean at home or a full service car wash.

  • Check your tires - including your spare! Summer is famous for construction on roads and in neighborhoods. You may actually have some damage in your tires, or you haven’t notices how bald your tires have grown. As we head into cold, wet, and icy months you need to be sure your tires are properly inflated and have safe tread. Now is a good time to check your spare as well, just in case.

  • Oil Change - it’s probably time, so check your oil change sticker. Even if it’s early, it’s a good idea to change out the oil and maybe use an oil additive to keep your car running as clean as possible.

  • Top off Fluids - Windshield & Antifreeze. Soon you’ll have rainy days and chilly nights, so make sure you have windshield fluid and plenty of antifreeze to keep your car running well into the colder months.

  • Wiper Blades - Don’t wait until you’re in a crazy rain or snow storm to realize your wipers are old and ineffective! Change them out now!

  • Fix cracks or chips in your windshield - This is pretty common for cars in summer months when they drive the road construction routes full of gravel, rocks, nails, and other detritus. Go get those chips or cracks fixed now.

  • Double check your battery - are the terminals clean? Does your car fire right up? Don’t get stuck with a dead battery on a cold autumn morning!

  • Invest in a Fuel additive - fuel additives help your engine burn fuel more cleanly, so you buy less gas and leave fewer deposits and impurities that can age your car prematurely. Fuel additives are affordable and great for your car during your fall commutes. Try CleanBoost Max fuel additive or fuel pills.

  • Replace your filters - Fresh filters in your car help your engine to remove impurities and pollution, meaning your car can run much more efficiently and safely.

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