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It’s time.  You’ve saved up, done the research, and test drove your top contenders for the important spot of “new car.” Maybe you even made the purchase! Getting a new car is a fun and exciting reward, for sure. But now you might need to undertake the accompanying task of selling your old car. This can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. It is certainly a task which you want to take seriously, in order to get the most possible value out of your previously beloved car.


Step 1 - Check out the Blue Book and local market value.


Get a good idea of how much your vehicle is generally worth. Always keep in mind that your particular car or truck may be worth more or less than this, based on the condition of your car, the work you’ve had done to it, the current market, etc. so be flexible. Browse online advertisements and call local dealerships to get a quote.


Step 2 - Fix or Disclose?


Make a list of everything that could potentially harm the value of your car or truck. Is there a window which won’t roll down? Is the paint chipping? Is the battery old or dying? Are the tires bald? Unless your car is within 2 years old you will probably have at least a few things on this list. Now you need to decide whether to fix these things or simply disclose them to potential buyers. Some of them are worth it to fix, while others may be best just disclosed to your buyers. Big problems such as transmission, brakes, tires, or other big engine problems are pretty expensive so you might prefer to just disclose it and adjust your selling price accordingly. Smaller problems are easier to fix, and should be done before you put your vehicle up for sale. You might have squealing noises, grinding pressure, sticking gears. These can actually be fixed pretty quickly with CleanBoost products which will decrease the amount of heat and friction causing problems in your engine. These oil additives and lubricators are affordable and easy to use, and they’ll get your car in tip-top shape in no time.


Step 3 - Clean it Up!


No matter how amazing your vehicle is dirt, grime, clutter, and dull surfaces can lead your potential buyers to slow down and question if they really want to buy this car or truck. Clear out the clutter first - throw away old receipts and straw wrappers, pull out sunglasses, blankets in the trunk, anything else that would distract potential buyers. Next you can take your car to a full-service car wash for an exterior wash and interior detailing, or you can save some money by doing it yourself! Vacuum your carpets carefully and then use a cleaning/protecting product like CleanBoost Nano-Guard on the console, plastic, leather and vinyl surfaces to restore shine and protect against further dirt or sun damage. Once your exterior has been washed you can buff, wax or even use a paint cleaner to cut through years of damage and restore bright, colorful paint shine. CleanBoost Nano-Sheen is an amazing and affordable product which will actually clean the exterior of your car without water and soap.


Now your car is ready for sale - and you can reap the benefits!

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