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Now we just might be getting ahead of ourselves, here. It’s still mighty cold out there, and we’ll have a few more snowstorms to deal with before those flowers start to bloom. But the good news is that the little groundhog did not see his shadow, so we should expect a spring sometime in the near future, and it’s never too soon to prepare, right? We’ve created a good, comprehensive list here for spring cleaning your car or truck, and since it is such a developed list it may take you some time to complete. There isn’t a better time than now to make a plan and start carrying it out.




1.     Get a basic oil change and check up. Top off all of your fluids, check your brakes, and just generally make sure that your car is running in tip-top shape. If your engine is a little older or looking worse for the wear - consider an engine flush to remove some of the gunk and buildup. Another good idea while you’re performing basic maintenance is to use an oil additive like CleanBoost. Oil additives help your car run more efficiently and safely. Do this now and enjoy improved engine performance and reduced friction for months to come!


2.     Empty your car COMPLETELY. Yes, everything. Every nook and cranny. Throw away all of the straw wrappers, empty water bottles, and fast food receipts. Gather up all of the little items that belong elsewhere and find their home - kids toys, tools, papers, tupperware, jackets, hats, etc. Once the snow has truly left you can remove your winter car supplies like an ice-scraper and giant gloves, storing them somewhere for the next 8 months until the cold returns again.


3.     Clean it! Take advantage of that empty car and deep clean it. Vacuum into all the nooks and crannies. Beat or scrub your floor mats, as they’ve been soaking up your snowy, dirty shoes for several months. Use disinfectant wipes to clean the interior surfaces of your car and kill germs. Once your car is completely clean inside THEN repack it carefully. Only carry the necessary items and make a shopping list to get any other items you think you should keep in your car, such as a tire gauge,


4.     Wash it! Splurge on a full-service wash, wax, and dry. Even if it rains three days later, which it always seems to do, it will help remove the salty, grimy buildup that is a consequence of winter weather. Starting fresh is always a good option.


5.     Shine! Wintertime is dull. It just is. But a clean and healthy shine? It goes will with sunlight. After deep cleaning your vehicle use a protective shine spray like NanoBoost on the smooth surfaces of your car to really make it dazzle. NanoBoost not only cleans and shines, but it also protects against future dirt and grime accumulation. Use it regularly, especially on days you can’t wash but need a quick clean, to protect your car or truck.




Spring is coming! And a fresh clean car or truck is the best way to meet it!

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