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Is there anything better than cruising around your best friend while he hangs his head out of the car window, tongue lolling with pure bliss? We're talking about your furry best friend - the one who sometimes chews on your shoes and chases his own tail. taking him with you makes any trip or errand more fun, but can also give you more anxiety about being safe on the road. You want your pet best friend to be safe and protected, as well as to make your car a comfortable and enjoyable place for them - what can you do?


There are very few regulations about driving with an animal in your vehicle, but it is known that pets can be dangerous to you or even harmed themselves if they aren’t treated with caution as passengers in your vehicle. In the event of a crash, your pet may be seriously hurt and can even hurt other passengers by becoming an unrestrained projectile. Animals have been known to jump from cars if windows or doors are left open, even when the vehicle is moving! Your pet can also become a distraction or affect your ability to control your car if they are left unrestrained and they get “spooked.” It’s important to take a few easy steps to keep your pet safe in the car, and there are a few things you may want to do to protect your car as well.




1. Consider a crate or carrier. If your animal is small or very docile, it can be tempting to just allow them to ride on your lap, or hanging in an empty seat. However, a small crate or carrier is safer for them - and you. There are versions designed for the car that actually strap into the safety buckles almost like a child’s carseat. Cozy it up with a blanket and their favorite toy and you can rest assured that they will still enjoy car rides.


2.  Safety Harness. For bigger dogs, or the ones who love to hang their heads out the window, crates may not be ideal. A harness will allow them to sit on a seat or the floor, even stick their head out the window periodically! In the event of a crash it will keep them contained, and will also prevent them from jumping into your lap or going for your road trip snacks in the cupholder.


3.  Seat/Cargo mats. If you travel with your pet often it’s a good idea to invest in some mats or liners to keep your car’s interior pristine. Removable and washable mats are your best investment, as they can be easily placed in your car before transporting your pet, then removed and washed when you no longer need to drive with the pet.


4.  Exercise. Travel can make some pets antsy. Giving them plenty of exercise before a drive, and allowing them breaks to stretch their furry legs during a trip can work wonders for their travel anxiety.




Making your car a safer and happier place for your pet is absolutely possible - and will make your road trips a little more fun!

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