Mother’s Day: Ideas for Mom’s Car

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With Mother’s Day only a few days away, hopefully you have your mom or wife’s present locked down. Maybe you’ve been brainstorming for months and you’ve finally come up with the perfect gift to show her just how much she means to you. Or maybe you’re like men everywhere who are rushing to find something good. There’s no shame in that! The only problem with last minute gift searching is that you can get talked into gifts that are more expensive or fancier than you expected to buy. Resist the urge to buy that really expensive jewelry that she’ll never wear, or that fancy perfume that she’s going to hate. It may not be fancy or flashy, but there are actually a lot of gift ideas that center around her car!




Now, hear me out. Her car may not seem very romantic, but it’s actually much more thoughtful. She spends so much time in her car and uses it to take care of your entire family. Doesn’t it make sense to take care of her by making it even better to use?




•   Wash and Deep Clean her car for her. This is an easy one that takes very little money or time. You can even enlist all of the kids! Carefully remove the trash and extra items, wipe down all the surfaces of the car, vacuum top to bottom, and give it a good bath with suds on the outside. You can even cut down on time and run it through a full-service car wash & detail. Having a clean and beautiful car is a thoughtful way to make her life a little easier.


•   Buy her a car wash pass! Again, this doesn’t seem particularly romantic, but it’s probably something she would like to do more often, or would like to not have to pay for. A pass or gift card to a local full-service car wash & detail means she can get her car cleaned more regularly without any extra effort.


•   After-Market Car Additions. Has she always wanted to get the windows tinted but never has the time? Does she want to replace the cassette player with an MP3 capable audio system? Could she use new mats or seat covers? Would a DVD player for the kids make her daily carpool a little less stressful? Kidnap her car and get the necessary upgrades for her.


•   Get oil changes and maintenance done for her. Of course this isn’t a great gift in and of itself, but it is a fantastic act of service to combine with other gifts! Take her car to a local shop and get the recommended oil change, top off fluids, replace air filters, and fix any other problems she’s been experiencing with her car. It’s pretty much guaranteed that she’s been putting this off because she’s far too busy and doesn’t want to do this herself, so if you can take it off her to-do list you’ll be a hero!


•   A new car! And of course, if you’re willing to go the distance - a new car is a fantastic mother’s day present. If you’ve been in the market for a new car for a while, or she’s been mentioning that it’s time to upgrade to a bigger vehicle or a newer model, this is a great time to surprise her!




Whatever you do, make sure your mom or wife knows you love and appreciate all she does for your family!

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