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Car care has unlimited levels. Within the same month you could have layers of fast food wrappers lining the floors and doors of your car, as well as a full service detail down to the rims and edges.

Some people regularly detail their car’s interior. Some people DIY car detailing. Some people never clean anything in their car, or they count merely throwing out old water bottles as “detailing.” That’s why waxing can be a very misunderstood step in the car care process.

Waxing is alternately seen as absolutely necessary or completely indulgent. Is it right for you? Does your car need a wax? Is it worth the money? How often should you get your car waxed? We’re here to share some of the essential points about waxing your car.

Waxing Your Car

Think of wax as a temporary coat that provides both shine and protection. Your car already has a clear coat of sealant over the paint to protect it. But like anything else, it can wear down. Dirt can still coat your car and the longer it sits on the surface, the more likely it is to scratch your paint. Your car’s exterior is also subject to changes in temperature and sun damage.

Waxing Benefits

The first benefit you’ll see when you’ve waxed your car is, well, visible. The glossy shine of wax is very visually appealing, so it’s often a great choice when you want to make a big impression. The color looks more vibrant and the shine is very fresh. But that’s not all it will do. The wax will resist dirt and moisture, helping your car look and stay cleaner.

Protective benefits are also a big part of regular waxing. The reflective nature of wax helps to disrupt the sun’s rays to prevent damage and dimming of your car’s paint job. The wax prevents scratching or grazing – not completely or permanently, but the extra layer is important if you want to keep your car looking young.

How Often

It is generally recommended that you wax your car twice a year. If your vehicle is newer, a dark color, or you live in a particularly dirty or damaging climate then you may want to consider more frequent waxing. It’s a job you can do yourself with a DIY car wax kit. Try a wax this week to see how it can benefit your car.

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